Love at first sight that stayed for life

The green of the mountain, the blue of the sky, the soft browns of autumn, the bright glow of the fire - all the elements and all the love gathered by the power of the earth.
Pottery with unique character and outstanding style.
Tradition with modern interpretation.

Danko created his ceramics workshop 20 years ago. Initially he worked primarily for the Bulgarian market, but gradually his work found admirers abroad.

Most items are wheel thrown, all are hand painted, and each line has its own character and color, carrying the specific atmosphere and tradition of the Balkan Peninsula.

Hi, I am Danko and I love my job.
I was born in Pleven, Bulgaria, and pottery became a beautiful and romantic part of my life. As a boy I spent my time with its magic - my grandmother worked in a ceramics workshop and I watched the clay turn into plates, cups and other items. I watched it come alive in the hands of the skilled craftsmen, saw how the glazes changed inside the kiln, how the hot shapes glowed through the small opening in its door. I admired the way the pots cooled down and gradually showed their true colors. I said to myself, "I want to do it!"
It was love at first sight and it stayed for life.

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